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What we do
Welcome to Global Cool! We love music, fashion, celebrities, travel, entertainment, drinking tea and being silly. Our favourite colour is green.

Living green doesn’t have to mean growing dreadlocks and becoming an eco-warrior. At Global Cool we reckon a greener life is still a fun one. We promote four simple ways you can be greener without sacrificing the things you love.

All our articles highlight (at least) one way to start being greener…

Be a winner (not a binner) /
Turn up the style (not the heat) /
Love the trend (not the spend) /
Do it in public (not the plane/car) /

Why we do it
Consumer behaviour directly and indirectly accounts for 75% of carbon emissions. Those carbon emissions are causing potentially devastating climate change around the world. Put simply, we can’t continue to live like this. But we’re not asking you to ‘save the planet’ or rescue the polar bears, we’re here to show you simple ways everyone can do their bit in their own lives to help prevent climate change.

Who we are
Global Cool is run by the Global Cool Foundation, a not-for-profit that specialises in making green mainstream. We partner with brands and other organisations in a number of ways to help fund our work. Our current list of partners are displayed on the right hand side of the site where it says ‘In Partnership With’. If you would like to partner with us please do get in touch, we’d love to have a chat!

Our standards
We strive for all our advice to be genuine and up to date so please let us know if you spot anything in our articles that contradicts our green credentials. We also run adverts to help fund what we do. Our ads are not always for green products or behaviours, however it is our policy to NEVER actively promote things that cause great damage to the environment – in particular (non-electric) cars and flying. If any ads of this nature have slipped through the net then feel free to slap our wrists!

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Anything else
Exterion MediaWe’d like to extend an enormous thank you to Exterion Media for all their help and support throughout the years. Exterion Media is a leading Out-of-Home advertising company, engaging and delivering valuable audiences for advertisers through a variety of formats and environments including transport, billboards, street furniture and retail. Thanks guys!