Got that needing a post-work pint feeling? Public transport is the answer thanks to this new gizmo…

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By Emily Rycroft

We’ve all been there: that moment in the working week where the only thing your mind can concentrate on is how good that first post-work pint is going to feel. For us it usually kicks in around Monday lunch time. Thankfully, we’ve found this new website that helps us find where to go using public transport…

Mapnificent Mapnificent is like Google Maps learning to Do It In Public. It shows you the places in the city that you can reach in a given amount of time using public transport.

Our favourite feature is the ability to pick two locations (say your office and your mate’s) and then find amenities within set time limits of each location (like a pub five minutes from both your work places for when you need that post-work pint fast).

You can use Mapnificent in the UK, USA, Europe and even Australia, so it can be super handy for planning transport and can save you money on taxis when you’re on holiday.

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Main pic: Tom Pagenet

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