Love The Trend

We love shopping just as much as you, but indulging in a bit of retail therapy doesn’t have to cost the earth. With just a little thought you can turn a shopping spree into a fun and easy way to be green. From eco hotels in paradise to awesome eco fashion and beauty products, we’ve got all the inspiration you need below to start loving the trend, not the spend…

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Turn your clothes #insideout for Fashion Revolution Day!

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Today, April 24 2014, Fashion Revolution are turning fashion into a force for good…

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Vegetarian cooking that’ll still make you feel manly

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Here’s a recipe that will have you flexing the guns, your face erupting with facial hair and, best of all, a dish worth crowning you the manliest vegetarian of them all…

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Guns and Roses and Mark Ruffalo join the fight for the planet

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Afterall, who really wants to disagree with a heavy metal band and the Hulk…?

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COMP: Win a Barkday Box for your pooch from The Eco Dog Company

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For a chance to get your hands on this lovely prize all you have to do is answer one easy question…

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5 ways to get a bit more sexy (and save the planet while you’re at it)

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Psst… guess what… living green doesn’t have to mean growing dreadlocks and becoming a treehugger. There are other ways (sexier ways) you can give ol’ Mother Earth a helping hand…

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Wind warrior America Ferrera vs. gas guzzler Jennifer Lopez

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This week, it’s judgement day for America Ferrara and Jennifer Lopez…

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Cheer up your Monday mealtime with this Zucchini and Tomato Pie

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This week, we’re cooking up a flavourful mix of zucchini, tomatoes and cheese baked in a pie…

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Doctors prescribe bikeshare memberships + grow your own tiny garden = the hottest picks in the world of green

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Roll up! Roll up! It’s time to check out just what’s going down in the eco world…

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Battle of the Blondes: Eco Saint Kristen Bell vs. Eco Sinner Taylor Swift

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gThis week, it’s judgement day for Kristen Bell and Taylor Swift…

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H&M’s new eco collection is almost here and it’s pretty lovely

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It’s less than two weeks till H&M’s new sustainable fashion collection, Conscious Exclusive, hits stores and we’re pretty goddam excited…

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Electric queen Katy Perry vs. phoney planet-saver Harrison Ford

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This week it’s judgement day for Katy Perry and Harrison Ford…

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MEAT FREE MONDAY: Liven up mealtimes with this ginger and chilli tofu treat

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This week we’re cooking up a simple and quick to prepare dish from Heather Allford…

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COMP: Having a bad face day? Win an Eco Tools brush set to help you out

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You have only have one face, yet some days you seem to wake up to a different one… a bad one…

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Young people claim back their future

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So we don’t want to get all boring and political on you, but there’s some big climate stuff going down in Europe at the moment…

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Vivienne Westwood gets naked + lose weight with the climate change diet = the hottest picks in the world of green

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Roll up! Roll up! It’s time to check out just what’s going down in the eco world…

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Will Ferrell the river rescuer vs Beyoncé the helicopter heathen

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This week it’s judgement day for Will Ferrell and Beyoncé…

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