Recycling Tips

Thinking more about what you throw away is one of the easiest ways to start being greener. You’re probably already sorting your plastics from your glass, but recycling can be so much more interesting than this. From light bulbs turned into plant holders to bath tubs transformed into book shelves, there are a million and one ways to reuse stuff or share it with others rather than throw it away. And all of them are guaranteed to help you pimp your crib without costing the earth. Check out our articles for inspiration below…

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Beat the winter blues! 5 simple ways to make your day better

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Are you having a bad day? Try out some of these tips to cheer yourself up…

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The beginner’s guide to second-hand shopping (and getting amazing bargains)

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Not only is charity shopping eco-friendly, it’s also loads of fun. Check out our top tips…

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How to make your Halloween more treat than trick

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We’re sharing with you our best tips for an eco-friendly Halloween…

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GREEN DESIGN: Magic mushroom lamps and “edible houses”

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No we haven’t gone bonkers… find out more now…

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Finnair flies to New York partly fuelled by recycled cooking oil

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We were super pleased to hear that a Finnish airline ran a flight to New York earlier this month using recycled cooking oil…

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An upcycled bus becomes a mobile showering unit for the homeless

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If you love upcycling and stories that warm the heart, read on…

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Diesel from diapers and making upcycled instruments for bored elephants

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Recycling is key. Find out how you can go beyond just throwing your plastic in an orange bag…

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Pandora who? Check out these cool rings made from smog sucked out of the skies

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Find out how one designer is making pollution fashionable…

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Easy, peasy money-saving ways to recycle at home

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Check out these easy home recycling ideas that are planet (and pocket) friendly…

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How drinking more water and buying yourself a new laptop can help save the Earth

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Check out all our tips to make your life easier, while easing up your footprint on the planet too…

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Eco fashionista Maisie Williams vs. gas-guzzler Courtney Cox

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This week, it’s judgement day for Maisie Williams and Courtney Cox…

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Forget the Shard! London’s newest skyscraper will be made out of rubbish

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Instead of throwing your rubbish straight in the bin, why not use it to build a new skyscraper…?

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Planet protector Tobey Maguire vs. heavy metal hunters Metallica

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This week, it’s judgement day for Tobey Maguire and Metallica…

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How naked bike rides make cyclists safer + green your wardrobe = the hottest picks in the world of green

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Roll up! Roll up! It’s time to check out just what’s going down in the eco world…

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How to turn cow poo into clean water

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No, we’re not full of crap. A bunch of researchers at Michigan State University have actually worked out a way to extract clean water from cow poo…

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Green goddess Shailene Woodley vs. planet-polluting Kimye

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This week, it’s judgement day for Shailene Woodley vs. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West…

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