Turn Up The Style Turn Down The Heat

There are so many easy ways to use less energy around the home without freezing to death or sitting in the dark. Switching off lights when you leave a room, turning the TV fully off rather than leaving it on standby overnight, not leaving laptops and mobiles charging 24/7, remembering to make your tea the first time the kettle boils rather than boiling it all over again 20 minutes later, or just simply putting a jumper on and turning the heating thermostat down a degree or two – all of these things are so easy to do and we’ve got a whole load of articles to remind you to do them…

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This man plans to live on an iceberg for a year

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We were very excited to hear that in the Spring of 2015 Italian adventurer Alex Bellini will be living on the tip of an iceberg…

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GET THE LOOK: How to woo the ladies like Geordie Shore’s Ricci Guarnaccio

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Find out how to dress to kill like a Geordie gent…

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Nickelodeon’s Daniella Monet vs. Disney’s Hilary Duff

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This week, it’s judgement day for Daniella Monet and Hilary Duff…

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Water warrior Kristen Stewart vs. the gas-guzzling Beckhams

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This week, it’s judgement day for Kristen Stewart and The Beckhams…

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Scientists at the University of Sheffield have developed spray-on solar panels

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Click here to find out how a group of scientists are developing a new way to get solar energy…

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Conservationist cutie Miranda Cosgrove vs. OTT Justin Bieber

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This week, it’s judgement day for Miranda Cosgrove and Justin Bieber…

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How drinking more water and buying yourself a new laptop can help save the Earth

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Check out all our tips to make your life easier, while easing up your footprint on the planet too…

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COMP: Win a made-to-measure eco blind worth up to £300

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We’re always on the lookout for the best ways to save money (and the planet) at home. Which is why we’ve teamed up with BlindsUK to offer this cool prize…

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COMP: Ditch the gym and WIN a pair of cool trainers

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We have a pair of women’s ASICS trainers to give away to one lucky reader…

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Solar roadways that power your house, melt icy paths and light your way home

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Yup, you read that right… solar freakin’ roadways…

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Books and boobs! New York book club makes reading sexy

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Like books and boobs? You’ll love this New York Book Club…

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This bracelet will charge your phone using your own body heat

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We’ve come a long way since the Sega Dreamcast – once the coolest bit of tech you could get your teenage hands on. But if you thought smartphones were the peak of it… think again…

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Why we’re big FANS of IKEA’s newest investment

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Just when we thought IKEA couldn’t get any (planet) cooler, they went and did something else…

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5 ways to get a bit more sexy (and save the planet while you’re at it)

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Psst… guess what… living green doesn’t have to mean growing dreadlocks and becoming a treehugger. There are other ways (sexier ways) you can give ol’ Mother Earth a helping hand…

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Battle of the Blondes: Eco Saint Kristen Bell vs. Eco Sinner Taylor Swift

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gThis week, it’s judgement day for Kristen Bell and Taylor Swift…

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